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  Professional Skin Care

Professional skin care

Going for a treatment in a beauty salon or a spa is a pure pleasure.

The aesthetician welcomes you with a smile and invites you to enter a haven of serenity and well-being. While she pampers you with the perfect massage or a special beauty treatment she will listen to your concerns and give you comfort. Relax to a calming music and let your mind wander and the tension and stress of everyday life will melt away.

The Swissdermyl skin care range

Swissdermyl offers a wide choice of facial and body treatments to enable beauty salons to create a diverse, successful customer service.

Combining the benefits of refined plant extracts, essential oils and sophisticated molecules from scientific technology, Swissdermyl is a high performance skin care range.

The retail line offers high quality skin care with the most effective ingredients and exquisite textures.

Information leaflets and samples are available for customers.

Please contact us for more information about Swissdermyl.

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